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Cost: Starts from £150

Requires: Purchase order or Credit card payment.

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Why do it?

  • Gain a fresh perspective on best practices
  • Support Accessibility in the workplace

The Detail

In modern business the acknowledgement and acceptance of the diversity of persons, of a working age, is very much understood and legislated for. An example of this legislation is the Equality Act 2010. This Act states the need for reasonable adjustments to be made in order to facilitate non-marginalization of any current or potential employee.  In addressing this need, the following example questions help to consider current circumstances:

  • How accessible are our administrative solutions?
  • How accessible are our network solutions?
  • What adjustments will provide effective measures?
  • Does the budget accommodate the recommendations for inclusive solutions?
  • Is the cost a prime concern?

Senclude can help address these points and others, in order to create a bespoke inclusion package. During this process the client is encouraged to participate as much or as little as required. A typical outcome affords your business the following:

  • Inclusive practice within the workplace
  • Knowledge supportive of employee empowerment
  • Bespoke advice, guidance and training provided, based on implementation of recommended strategies

To discuss any of these options simply contact Senclude.

email: info@senclude.com
or telephone: 07780 678588

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