How do I buy?

Cost: Starts from £35
Requires: Purchase order or Credit card payment.
Delivery: Contact Senclude to schedule.

Why do it?

  • Broaden the choices staff have when required to engage with your organization's literature.
  • Improve literature options and interactive preferences with customers/clients.
  • Improve on inclusive practice and accessibility.

The Detail

Senclude provides a service that can adapt Organizational literature/media into alternative formats, and where applicable, with embedded features to work more interactively with Assistive Technology.  

These formats include:

  • Braille – Printed with text for sighted persons to view also.
  • Digital Document - Digitally mastered interactive document.
  • Large Print – Printed or Digitally mastered interactive document or Both.
  • Audio – mp3 format using Text-To-Speech voice chosen and customized by the learner/organization.
To discuss any of these options simply contact Senclude on:
 Email: or Text or Call: 07780 678588