Cost: Starts from £140.00

Requires: Purchase order or Credit card payment.

Delivery: Contact Senclude to schedule.


  • Title: 'Assistive Technology and Technology Training'.
  • Audience: All Staff.
  • Duration: minimum 1 hour.
  • Maximum number of attendees per session: 2.
  • Additional attendee per session costs £50 each.

Why do it?

  • Support your staff in giving them a wider palette of tools in managing digital tasks requiring reading and writing.
  • Promote productivity through means of Assistive Technology and Technology.

The Detail

Senclude knows that Technology is an instrumental part of our lives especially within the workplace.

Senclude's Assistive Technology and Technology Training is tailored to empower and upskill participants in becoming Digitally Confident and Competent, or simply 'Digitally Literate'.

Senclude's Assistive Technology and Technology Training costs upward of £120 per hour and can be delivered in the following ways:

  • In your own organization.
  • At an agreed upon venue.
  • Or remotely via the internet.

Contact Senclude

To discuss any of these options simply contact Senclude.


or telephone: 07780 678588