Cost: Starts at £30 per hour.

Requires: Payment in advance of delivery.

Delivery: Contact Senclude to schedule.


  • Title: Assistive Technology / Technology Training
  • Audience: Anyone wishing to learn and improve their knowledge and skill with Assistive Technology and/ or Technology.
  • Duration: hourly rate.
  • Maximum number of attendees: 2.

Why do it?

  • Access the internet.
  • Increase opportunity for reading, writing and following your interests.
  • Use a PC, Smart Phone, Tablet or other software and devices.
  • Because you want to.

The Detail

Senclude knows that Technology is an instrumental part of our lives and for those with a Visual Impairment has the potential to improve access to reading, writing and shopping and mostly performing tasks others take for granted.

Senclude's Assistive Technology and Technology Training is tailored to empower and upskill participants in becoming Digitally Confident and Competent, or simply 'Digitally Literate'.

Senclude's Assistive Technology and Technology Training costs upward of £30 per hour and can be delivered in the following ways:

  • In the comfort of your own home
  • Cost split between 2 people
  • At an agreed upon venue
  • Or remotely via the internet

Needs Assessors and Students are welcome to trial this experience with Senclude if considering Senclude as an NMH provider through appointments made by:


or telephone: 07780 678588