We work with people with Visual Impairments and those with other disabilities to reach their full potential.

We have now supported over 500 students with Visual Impairments.

We achieve this by providing support services that are tailored to each student’s individual needs so they can enjoy fully inclusive and accessible learning experiences.

The following information is for technical needs assessors and assessment centres to review the support opportunities offered by Senclude in relation to Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

We are happy to work with all DSA-entitled students at all levels of learning in Higher Education.

You can find our non-medical help rates by reading the following or calling us 07780678588

Senclude LTD is a VAT-registered company under the number: 422132058.

For rates please contact Senclude or use the portals recommended by Student Finance.

Band 4 Specialist Access and Learning Facilitators:

  • Specialist Support Professional for students - Vision Impairment
  • Specialist Support Professional for students - Deaf
  • Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support - SpLD
  • Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support - ASC
  • Assistive Technology Training – ATT
  • Specialist Mentor – ASC
  • Mobility Training - VI

Band 3 Specialist Enabling Support:

  • Specialist Notetaker for Visually Impaired students - including Braille (SN-VI)
  • Specialist Notetaker - Deaf (SN-D)
  • Specialist Transcription Service

Band 2 Specialist Enabling Support:

  • Sighted Guide (VI)

As part of our Inclusive Practice and Equality of Provision, the following considerations must be applied to any Needs Assessor considering using Senclude as a Non-Medical Help provider. Senclude is supported by: 

Student Finance England (SFE) 

Student Finance Wales (SFW)

Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SaaS)

Student Finance Norhtern Ireland (SFNI)

Some students, including those with a Visual Impairment, require screen sharing / remote support to be built into the recommendation of support in both face-to-face and distance-supported sessions. This is so any member of staff, Visually Impaired or other, can view through the use of Assistive Technology, in real-time, the learner’s computer screen and advise with more confidence on learning points under review in each support session.

In the spirit of lowering carbon emissions, sometimes it may not be necessary to be physically with the student to provide support and therefore, Positive Environmental Actions are fully supported by Senclude and we hope supported by you too!

Needs Assessors and Students are welcome to trial this experience with Senclude if considering us as a non-medical help NMH provider.

email: dsa@senclude.com

Mobile: 07467216090 or 07780678588