Mariwan immigrated from Iraq in 2001 with no educational background.

He was born blind and when he came to the UK, professionals diagnosed him with learning difficulties.

Overcoming adversity he now has a LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and is studying for an MA in Diplomacy.

Mariwan goes on to say: "Sencludes support has been extremely valuable. Every time I call John Paul (who heads up Senclude) he offers me so much advice and provides fantastic support enabling me to move forward with my university experience.

His contribution has enabled me to make massive progress with my academic achievement.

I had to change my provider to Senclude as none of the other support services were providing what I required. Senclude recognised my needs from the onset and have been really helpful with their personalised approach.

I hope that other organisations can learn from the great work Senclude do to support blind students".

Testimonial from Mariwan studying for an MA in Diplomacy

Photograph of s man named Mirwan