OXSIGHT began in the research laboratories of the University of Oxford, with a core team of scientists and clinicians working with the low vision community to develop solutions for sight degeneration.

Today, OXSIGHT produces patented, smart glasses that address visual impairment caused by various conditions such as myopic degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity and other degenerative eye diseases.

Through visionary technology, OXSIGHT increases the field of vision and transforms lives, one pair of glasses at a time.

Our smart glasses enhance the sight of people with visual impairment, increasing their horizontal field of vision to up to 68 degrees. OXSIGHT glasses feature a state-of-the-art digital display that helps people to see their surroundings in more detail.

Complete day-to-day tasks with a newfound ease and socialise with confidence.

Our smart glasses are designed with comfort in mind for everyday wear. The perfect balance of style, functionality and smart technology, puts people with a visual impairment back in control of their vision.

  • Conquer Visual Impairment

    – OXSIGHT glasses help people with peripheral loss due to certain degenerative eye conditions and also people with visual impairment caused by stroke. We help people regain control of their vision.
  • Experience Superior Comfort

    – Built with strong and ergonomic arms the OXSIGHT smart glasses settle comfortably on the bridge of your nose and are held neatly in place by soft touch ear hooks. Lightweight, natural and slim, they are as unobtrusive as ordinary eyeglasses.Visit our digital catalogue of smart glasses to learn more.
  • Enjoy Adaptive Design Features

    – The OXSIGHT Prism™ glasses features an occluder that blocks external light completely, focusing your vision on the colour-rich OLED projection on the lenses. The OXSIGHT Crystal™ glasses, meanwhile, have removable sunglass shades that allow eye contact while also providing help for those less tolerant to bright lighting. Both glasses have the option of having your own lens prescription added at no extra cost to fully optimise your experience.. To learn more about our electronic glasses in the UK, request an appointment online.
  • Get The Most Out Of Life

    – With OXSIGHT enhanced vision, you can rekindle previous activities and develop new hobbies. Maybe you wish to diversify your reading list, grow a garden, start painting or expand your cooking repertoire. With OXSIGHT glasses you can travel to new places, join more local clubs and be more active in your community with added confidence. The expanded field of view and low light enhancement works great in cinemas, restaurants or anywhere with low lighting. Travelling to a new office or taking part in a fast-moving work meeting will suddenly become much easier with OXSIGHT enhancements. TV addict? OXSIGHT have you covered too with a range of OXSIGHT exclusive modes and accessories.