How do I buy it?

Cost: Starts from £450

Requires: Purchase order or Credit card payment.

Delivery: Contact Senclude to schedule.

Additional attendee per session costs £50 each.


Title: 'Seeing the SAME'

Audience: All Staff.

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum number of attendees per session: 12

Additional attendee per session costs £50 each.

Why do it?

Explore and experience themes related to Sight Loss and Visual Impairment with the following:

  • Support – What we can do to support one and other.
  • Accessibility – How we can make changes.
  • Management – Delivery, maintenance and championing inclusivity.
  • Engagement – Communication and how to best interact with one and other.

The Detail

Senclude works with pupils and/or staff to help raise awareness on how to engage in an appropriate and meaningful way with person/s who have a Visual Impairment.

To discuss any of these options simply contact Senclude.

email: info@senclude.com
or telephone: 07780 678588

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