Cost: Starts from £450

Requires: Payment in advance of delivery.

Delivery: Contact Senclude to schedule.


  • Title: 'Seeing the SAME'
  • Audience: Individual/s, family member/s and friends
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Maximum number of attendees per session: 12
  • Additional attendee per session costs £50 each.

Why do it?

  • Support – What we can do to support one and other.
  • Accessibility – How we can make changes.
  • Management – Delivery, maintenance and championing inclusivity.
  • Engagement – Communication and how to best interact with one and other.

The Detail

Senclude provides training on Visual Impairment / Sight Loss awareness training and has developed the 'Seeing the SAME' training session to share knowledge with those wanting to know more on this subject. Those who attend the 'Seeing the SAME' training session tend to be someone with sight loss, parents, family members, friends or people just wanting to better understand this portion of our society.

This training can be delivered in the comfort of your own home or designated venue.

The training is designed to empower all attendees with knowledge and confidence around the subject of Visual Impairment and Sight Loss and support societal inclusion.

Contact Senclude

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